Exciting New Rescue Tool
Rescue-Snips! Cutting Tool for,
Laminated Windscreen, Fibreglass and Metal Body Panels, Plastic, Rubber, Webbing, Sheet Iron
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Rescue-Snips provide a fast, effective, safe and simple means of cutting laminated windscreens whether they are intact or substantially damaged. Rescue-Snips are effective on glass, metal, Seat Belts, plastic and many other materials. Made from hardened steel and designed by an experienced vehicle accident rescue coordinator.
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Cut through Laminated Glass

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Cut through Metal Panels

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Cut through Plastic Body Parts

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Cut through Webbing Material

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An Economical and Safe Solution

These manually operated "Rescue-Snips" were invented by an experienced rescue operator. Designed by applying real life experience to the problems faced in actual rescue and life threatening situations. They are made from hardened steel and feature self cleaning cutting jaws and a sharpened (but safe) starting spike for quick penetrations. The manual action and quiet operation reduces anxiety for the trapped patient and it is a real plus not having to wait for a generator or petrol driven cutting tools. Rescue-Snips do not produce sparks and are safe to use in dangerous vapour situations such as leaking petrol or gas. Rescue-Snips are lightweight (2.5kg) and the operator is able to cut across the entire windscreen from one side of the vehicle.
Rescue-Snips are versatile.
Designed primarily as laminated windscreen cutters, "Rescue-Snips" are quite capable of cutting fibreglass and metal body panels, plastic dashboard and body material, seat belts, rubber hoses, door trim and can even cut corrugated roofing iron to effect quick access into buildings in fire rescue situations.
Low Maintenance
Rescue-Snips won't need re-sharpening for glass cutting. The precision jaws crush the glass during the cutting process so edge sharpness is not a factor in the cutting action. As glass does have an abrasive action the cutting edge can become worn after much use and may therefore require re-sharpening for best effect on some materials.
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